Our new Projects and Campaigns!!!

Help us hope has 7 strands which are breaking barriers, environment, define your identity , human rights, granting wishes Beauty and Beast edition, Justice and blast from the past.

For the breaking barriers strand, we make a innovative technology that allows people who are visually impaired or hearing impediment to access main stream media and feel as they are part of a wider community. Also we go in to schools and carry out braille and sign language workshops in order to break down the communication barrier.

For the define your identity strand, we have developed a buddy system in the hospital where we connect children in the hospital so they have a support network who is going through a similar situation to them as figures released from child line stated that 4063 counselling sessions for children that happed in last year due to loneliness.

For the environment strand we have a system which produce water to improve people’s physical and mental health. Also we do a range of different environmental campaigns that encourage and educate people to improve the environment.

For the Justice, We will be creating a documentary in order to get people to understand other people’s actions and feelings by be able look through their eyes and what their life is like. To achieve this we use a range of different methods to reach people such as art, media form such as books and also talking to people’s about these issues.

For the Human rights strand. We will be preparing baskets for people who are homeless and in the baskets we will provide essential items which they will require in their daily life and we provide information on further help. Also we will talk to them to understand the homeless problem so that procedures can be put in place before a person get homeless.

For the granting wishes Beauty and the Beast edition. We will be doing an event for a child’s last wish which is to experience the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale in real life. Through our event we also want to honour the parents. Many performers will get a chance to show case their talent. Through our campaign we focus on reigniting people’s hope by using things like dance or music.

For the blast from the past, We are trying honour those who are older than us who contribute to society and sacrifice their life to this country. No one contributions should be forgotten as every action people make has an impact on the world.

We are currently in the process of updating our website with our new projects and campaigns. If you would like to know more information or want to ask any questions please feel free to email us at

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