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On the first Friday of every month, we will be announcing the book we will read that month. Every 3rd Friday of the month we chose 6 books and have you guys vote on the book you want to read. Feel free to send us any books suggestions. On the last Friday of the month we review the book. In a blog post or video on YouTube sometimes live where you can come and discuss with us. Throughout the month share your opinions with us on social media or in the comment here.

The announcement of which book we are reading will operate across all our social media platforms and here on the website. If you subscribe to our newsletter we sent updates about the book club and exclusive content (so if you haven't already subscribed, do it now!). You can also comment your views or join our book club on Facebook group by clicking this link. We have a book subscription box where you can each book and a bunch of other bookish items delivered to your house each month. Check out 6 August picks and vote!!!!

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