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Young people are the leaders of tomorrow

Do you want to be one of those leaders?

Innovation and creativity 

Social action projects

Mentoring, training and qualifications

Buisness and funding opportunities


What is Help Us Hope?

Help Us Hope aims are to:

  • To allow people to educate, advocate and share and allow us to make a timeless lasting impact in society.

  • To give young people the tools to make the change they want to see in the world.

  • To create a network of people with the same mind set who can make a impact in society.

  • To give each person a personalised experience so they feel like they can share, their opinions and skills with each other.

  • To get youth voices heard by people who can make a difference.

 At Help Us Hope we develop projects and campaigns to tackle different social issues in the world. We run campaigns to educate, raise awareness and promote action. For each of our campaigns we approach them differently. We use a range of different method such as campaigning for more accessibly by speaking to different organisations in the UK to developing pieces of artwork to show the impact a lack of accessibility can have on people who are visually impaired and have a hearing impediment.


Help Us Hope is an entirely youth led we work to encourage and get young people to  get their voices heard  to make a lasting impact. Our projects are focused around young people speaking out about issues they feel strongly about. Using their skills and talents to find new creative ways to make a difference. We try to push the boundaries creatively to engage more people in social action. Our goal is to  inspire, empower ,collaborate and to encourage people to express their individuality. 

We offer training, mentoring and a range of qualifications for young people. They have the opportunity to be able to receive funding to carry out their own social action projects or develop a buisness. Please have a look at our current projects below.

Define your Identity

Work on a range of different projects. To improve our NHS and improve patient experiences in hospital.

Granting wishes

Making a child's dream  come true who has fought to overcome a adversity. 

Breaking down barriers

Breaking down the communication barrier and educating the younger generation. 


Help us to improve and shape the world  and environment we live in. As if we don't there will be no world to live in.


We help homeless people to  get into employment and accomodation. We allso provide them with resources.


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